Oceans is a divers and dynamic collective consisting of rappers, producers beatboxers and dj’s. With this broad selection of professions within the group, Oceans covers all the bases. Because of the different artist personalities, everyone has an artist to identify with. Not only in musical signatures but also in lifestyle and character.


Cooper is the initiator of Oceans and has brought the group together. After a long battle rap career, he now uses his rap skills to venture into the world of music. Within Oceans Cooper is focused on Old Skool rap and songwriting. He is also the text editor of the group.

Phill-e started his Oceans adventure as one of the producers within the group. Yet from the very first moment he started to experiment with rapping. Since then he has made great impressions with his new musical profession. Even though he pursues a rap career, he still produces beats for the Oceans group and others.

Juulz is an all-rounder. Not only does he produce a lot of beats, he also raps and sings. He usually works within the new skool trap scene. With his ability to freestyle in Dutch, he is king of most cyphers.

Mister smooth of the collective. With his focus on sensual music, hooks and texts wows every audience. He started within the collective as part of a duo with Juulz. Yet he now focuses on creating a nice for his solo and collaboration projects.

Bayne Ru
Bayne Ru is one of the producers within the collective, yet he is also an active dj within the edm scene of the Netherlands. He also has one of the largest social media followings within OCEANS. His distinctive sound brings a good vibe to the collective.

Irapo is the character rapper of the collective. His specialty lies with infectious bars and a devil may care attitude.

Luc Hydra
Luc Hydra is also a producer within the collective. His power lies in versatility and mixing. Also finding, making and using high-quality samples

Barbarossa is the beatboxer of the group. He uses his ability to make ‘organic beats’ to accompany the live shows, record samples and guiding the cyphers of the group

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