New Skool Rules auditions on June 13th 2012 in Atlanta turn out to be a life changing experience for singer/songwriter Curtis Fields

New Skool Rules and Epitome Entertainment are in the process of holding auditions for the 3rd edition of the Exchange program. The American leg of the audition tour was from june 13th till june 17th 2012 and passed by SAE Atlanta, SAE Los Angeles and SAE New York. Over 200 singers, rappers and producers auditioned in the US for a chance to work with grammy award winning Superproducers Anthony Dent and Needlz, but also to get an opportunity to be part of a global tv series on  Trace Urban and to perform at the largest international HipHop and R&B music conference  in the world called New Skool Rules.

The European leg of the audition process is still going on, as New Skool Rules and Epitome Entertainment still have to hold auditions at SAE London (sept.5th) and SAE Paris (for the second time on sept. 10th). So far the European audition attracted more than 300 talented artists and producers. Even though people that have auditioned didn’t get the results yet., one of the person’s life has changed forever.

Henca Maduro (CEO of New Skool Rules) says: “ Curtis Fields was the last artist auditioning at SAE Atlanta on June 13th and when he sat down and opened his mouth I knew something amazing was going to happen to this multitalented singer/songwriter. This type of talent, is why we do what we do. It needs to be seen by the right people.

The judges , including superproducers Anthony Dent and Needlz, V103’s DJ Trauma and grammy award winning audio engineer Mike Snotty,  were extremely impressed, but it was  judge Ray Daniels (Raydar Management) that took Curtis Fields career into his own hands.

Ray Daniels said:” You are what I’ve been looking for, for the last year. I promiss you I will get you , signed within 2 months’.


Ray Daniels (Raydar Management) did just that within 5 weeks, he signed Curtis Fields to not only a publishing deal with Universal Publishing, but also a recording deal with L.A. Reid’s Epic.

Curtis Fields says: “ I can’t believe how fast all of this happened and I owe it all to New Skool Rules/ Epitome Entertainment and obviously Ray Daniels. Within a couple of weeks, I had offers on the table from 5 different labels. I can’t believe I was playing some of my songs live for L.A. Reid in his office and that  I’m now signed to Epic is crazy.